"Just ask," a person-on-the-street photo feature, appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune from November 1946 until June 1964. In the early days, the feature was labeled "Just Ask the Men" and "Just Ask the Women," depending on who was answering the question. The first question, posed to six women, was: "Should your husband have a night out with the boys?" The last, posed to four young women and a young man, was: "What do you like to do on a date?" The answers to the latter question were typical of the series: terse and unremarkable. "I like to go to a movie or bowling." "Dancing, or a drive-in movie in the summertime." "It depends on the girl I go out with."  
Occasionally, though, the Tribune photographer bumped into someone with unorthodox views and a solid command of the language. Behold what appears to be Garrison Keillor's first appearance in the local paper:
Just Ask photo feature
The Tribune promoted the new feature in this December 1946 house ad:
Just Ask house ad

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