Happy Halloween!

There's so much fun on the Internet today. Facebook and Instagram feeds filled with cute pictures of kids in costume. A little Halloween humor (or last-minute help) on Twitter with #lazycostume. And it's the perfect day to indulge in YouTube videos of animals in costume.

But first, some potentially useful info for trick-or-treaters in search of candy: Nextdoor's Treat Map.

The social network, which connects people by neighborhood, lets users plot their candy-giving intentions on a map so kids on the prowl know which houses are eager to hand out treats. Old-fashioned wandering around looking for houses with lights on? So inefficient in our digital era.

"We're taking the guesswork out of Halloween to ensure you find the best, most convenient route possible for yoru trick-or-treaters, whether you're on your computer or headed out into the neighborhood with Nextdoor for iPhone or Android," the social network said in a blog post about Treat Map.

Granted, it's only useful if people in your neighborhood use Nextdoor and bothered to plot their candy-giving intentions on Treat Map.

Not trick-or-treating? Maybe you'd like to catch up on the latest tale of a wicked witch from author JK Rowling. She released a 1,700-word essay today about Dolores Umbridge, the pink-clad villian/professor at Hogwarts.

In the essay on Pottermore (the online store/fan club), Rowling writes that Umbridge was inspired by a real person, "whom I disliked intensely on sight." Yikes!

Or, just watch YouTube for Halloween entertainment.

For starters, a scary YouTube mini-movie starring Mutant Giant Spider Dog.

Or if you're into lions and tigers, there's the entertaining compilations Big Cats vs. Pumpkins.

And don't we all love the cat-in-disguise classic with the Roomba-riding cat in a shark costume chasing a duck.

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