A man's legs were amputated at a Twin Cities hospital after they were mangled in a grain bin auger in southwestern Minnesota, officials and family said Monday.

The incident occurred midafternoon Sunday on property about 9 miles north of Windom in the 34100 block of 470th Avenue, the Cottonwood County Sheriff's Office said.

Travis Muller, 30, of Windom was rescued by emergency responders from the power sweep auger and taken by air ambulance to North Memorial Health in Robbinsdale, the Sheriff's Office said.

On an online fundraising page, Muller's wife said he was cleaning out the bin when "things turned for the worst extremely quickly. Both of Trav's legs got caught in the auger up to his thighs."

Jasmine Muller said the quick actions of three people at the scene with him contributed to saving her husband's life.

"As life-changing as this will be and heartbreaking to lose his legs," she wrote, "the doctor said just a few more seconds and he would no longer be with us."

This is very hard to process, she continued, "and we are all still in so much shock as we all know the lifestyle that Trav lives and loves — extremely active and a constant goer."

Until recently, Travis Muller was a professional snowmobile racer, the Snowmobile Racing Network (SRN) said in a Facebook posting.

"Hang in there, Travis!" the posting from the SRN read. "Travis is a great athlete and a phenomenal person in general."