Gov. Mark Dayton can expect a big mail drop Thursday morning.

Transportation advocates plan to hand deliver thousands of post cards to the governor, each with a message decrying proposed cuts to transit service and raising objections to possible fare increases.

"Instead of asking people to pay more for less, it's time for state leaders to make lasting investments in the bus, rail, bicycling, and walking options that workers, families, and businesses urgently need," said Jessica Treat, Chair of Transportation Forward and Executive Director of Transit for Livable Communities and St. Paul Smart Trips.

The postcard delivery comes on the heels of Wednesday's transit rally at the State Capitol, where hundreds gathered to denounce transit cuts and to demand greater long-term investment in transportation options.

At issue is a possible fare increase of 25 to 50 cents for bus and light-rail rides and a reduction in service on Metro Transit routes. That has been a source of controversy throughout the 2017 legislative session, which is supposed to end Monday.

Transit riders and supporters along with leaders with Transportation Forward and Transit for Livable Communities & St. Paul Smart Trips will make the delivery at 9:15 a.m. Thursday.