The popular and eccentric Glam Doll Donuts has expanded from Eat Street to northeast Minneapolis. With the mid-December opening of a second location, the Dolls brought forth a new creation that has the internet going wild – a deep fried mac 'n' cheese-filled doughnut.

Instagram users were teased three weeks ago with a video of the gooey sensation slowly being pulled apart to reveal the mac 'n' cheese filling. The video has since been watched nearly 15,000 times, with almost 700 comments on it (mostly people tagging their friends to share). 

Minneapolis food blogger and "food porn" guru @kimlycurry also put up an Instagram video that acquired nearly 5,000 views. 

I went to go check it out on Wednesday and I'll admit, it lived up to the internet hype. When served, they include the doughnut hole and a side of chili or chips. They also have Sriracha and other condiments available to dip it in. 
In addition to their doughnuts being highly instagrammable (that's not a real word), the restaurant itself is decorated with local art, a pink Christmas tree for the holidays and wild lighting. 
To be clear, the mac n' cheese doughnut is only being offered at their new location. If you’re thinking of heading there, the northeast shop is located at 519 Central Ave. NE.