The winners of the 2016 Lyftie Awards are in....the envelope please... Stella's Fish Cafe & Prestige Oyster Bar, Cowboy Slims, First Avenue, U.S. Bank Stadium, Mall of America and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Terminal 1.

Those venues were top destinations that users of the ride hailing service Lyft visited in the Twin Cities over the past year based on the number of drop-offs. They join 150 restaurants, bars, venues, transit stops, and local destinations in U.S. cities to win the annual awards.

"It's pretty representative of how Lyft is used in the Twin Cities," said General Manager Chapin Hansen. "Like other markets, people like to enjoy themselves and enjoy weekends."

Lyft, the cars that debuted with the large pink mustaches in the 2012, included the Twin Cities in the awards this year for the first time, largely due to it sizeable growth which made the metro area one of its 25 largest markets, Hansen said. While he would not give out specific numbers, he said the ride hailing service has seen a 350 percent increase in riders and a 400 percent increase in trips taken over the past year.

Lyft saw the most use in downtown Minneapolis, Uptown, Dinkytown and around U.S. Bank Stadium.

Lyft operates in about 200 cities.

For the record, here are the local winners.

•         Most Visited Restaurant: Stella's Fish Cafe & Prestige Oyster Bar
•         Most Visited Bar: Cowboy Slim's
•         Most Visited Event Space: US Bank Stadium
•         Most Visited Transit Stop: MSP Terminal 1-Lindbergh
•         Only in Minneapolis-St.Paul: Mall of America. This was area's the most visited location.
•         Trending Destination: First Avenue was the top-searched destination.
And the Lyftie Awards 2016 national winners are:
•         Most Visited Restaurant: Acme Feed & Seed (Nashville, TN)
•         Most Visited Bar: The Abbey (Los Angeles)
•         Most Visited Hotel: The MGM Grand (Las Vegas)
•         Most Visited Transit Stop: Union Station, (Washington D.C.)
•         Most Visited Tourist Destination: Navy Pier (Chicago)
•         #1 Drop Off Category: Airports



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