Lunds and Byerly's also removed several products because a supplier used peanuts from the Peanut Corporation of America. Items sold in the produce department that are affected are: California Supreme Trail Mix (14 oz.); Master Zen Party Mix (10.5 oz.); Honey Roasted Peanuts (12 oz.); Roasted Peanuts with No Salt Added (12 oz.); Wasabi Party Mix (9 oz.) and Sweet Cajun Mix (10 oz.).

Grocery items include Honey Roasted Peanuts (2.5 oz.) and Wasabi Party Mix (1.5 oz.).


Kemps dairy company of St. Paul is voluntarily recalling some products amid the peanut-related salmonella outbreak. "This recall is precautionary only," it said. Kemps said consumers should return the items to where they were bought for a full refund. For more information, called Kemps Consumer Affairs at 1-800-726-6455.

The affected products -- manufactured before Jan. 30 -- are:

Kemps Sundae Cone Vanilla, 6-pack, UPC Code 41483-02575; Kemps Sundae Cone Chocolate and Vanilla, 6-pack, 41483-02576; Kemps Sundae Cone Caramel, 6-pack, 41483-03059; Old Fashioned Sundae Cone Vanilla, BLK 24, 41483-03439; Market Pantry Sundae Cone, Vanilla, 6-pack, 85239-07614; Our Family, Round Top Vanilla Cone, 6-pack, 70253-71205; Piggly Wiggly, Round Top Vanilla Cone, 6-pack, 41290-11220; Roundys, Round Top Vanilla Cone, 8-pack, 11150-58946; Greens, Vanilla Nutty Cone, 6-pack, 71441-03239; Hagan Vanilla Nutty Cone, 6-pack, 37498-00702; Greens Vanilla Nutty Cone, 24-pack, 71441-74842; Kemps Tin Roof Sundae, 64 ounces, 41483-00528; Kemps Tin Roof Sundae, 140-ounce pail, 41483-00377; Kemps Tin Roof Sundae, 5-quart pail, 41483-00377; Kemps Tin Roof Sundae, 3 gallons, 41483-01147; Kemps Sneaker Doodle, 56 ounces, 41483-02829; Kemps Chocolate Monster, 64 ounces, 41483-03087; Kemps Chocolate Monster, 3 gallons 41483-02998.