Seeing swarms of low-flying helicopters? No need to panic.

Minneapolis and St. Paul police, along with the military, are conducting training exercises from 8 p.m. to midnight for several nights this week, according to a Minneapolis police spokesman.

Numerous residents took to Twitter on Monday, wondering if there was criminal activity in their neighborhoods. Some residents said they saw more than seven helicopters flying in formation. Others said the helicopters were weaving through downtown buildings. The helicopters were also seen in parts of south Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul and the Mac-Groveland neighborhood. But police officials quickly assured followers that it was just an exercise.

St. Paul police said they got about a dozen calls Monday; Minneapolis would not say how many calls they received.

Minneapolis police said the trainings "are Department of Defense exercises that should not be shared with the general public and security is of the utmost concern."

The agencies conducted similar training in 2012.

Alejandra Matos