"I saw this deer two times last year in Clearwater County, but he outsmarted me both times. With high expectations that I would see this deer this year, I was just a little pumped for the season. With the wind blowing on Saturday morning, I didn't see anything on opening morning. For that matter I didn't see anything until late evening. At 4:20 p.m. a doe came out in the swamp. I thought hard about taking her, it was late and it was knee deep water, and I let her walk. Thank God that I did, because 40 yards behind her was 'the monster.' He gave me a broadside shot and I didn't miss. He was a 12 pointer with a spread of 19-1/2 inches and weighed around 200 pounds. His green score was 143 4/8. It was ahunt and deer of a lifetime. A lesson for hunters: Wait - the buck may be following the doe."