Wrangling delegates at the Republican convention will come in the form of multi-colored fliers.

Before voting even started Reps. Tom Emmer and Marty Seifert started the flurry.

Seifert dropped a yellow sheet decrying the Emmer-Meeks ticket as an "all-metro ticket," since Emmer grew up in Edina and now lives in Delano and his running mate Annette Meeks lives in Minneapolis.

"We have serious concerns about the "all-metro" Emmer-Meeks ticket. An "all metro" ticket sends the wrong signal to voters in rural Minnesota," said the paper signed by 15 local leaders. "Marty Seifert is one of us. He grew up on a small family farm in southern Minnesota."

Emmer Thursday night dropped a large print white sheet entitled "Every Life is a Blessing."

The sheet said: "For me, protecting human life is not an "issue" or even a "guiding principle," but a value at the very core of my being."

Seifert's campaign had worked to raise doubts about Emmer's "pro-life" core in an email earlier this week.

Both campaigns have many other sheet at the ready -- to promote their issues, counter anything put out by their opponent and fight for delegates. Expect a larger stack than this one that awaited every delegate this morning by the end of the day: