So the great Sid Hartman thinks the boos showered down upon Vikings head coach Brad Childress were unwarranted because his team is 3-3 and tied for first place in the division (Star Tribune, Oct. 16). With a little luck, Sid writes, the Vikings could be 5-1 or 4-2. According to Sid, the people booing Childress probably consumed alcohol. The people booing know nothing about football. I have to tell Mr. Hartman that, while he may be right that the fans may not know much about coaching a football team, they do know when they see a bad one. In my case, I've been a loyal fan of the Purple for 30 years, and I've never seen a more uninspired, predictable and underachieving team. I have only one question for you, Mr. Hartman: Have you been watching the games?