A recent article on water use was excellent (“Mississippi River might be White Bear Lake’s savior,” Aug. 31). The writer aptly described the depletion of our aquifers through the overuse of municipal wells. One point not mentioned was the shift in water sourcing that has occurred. Forty years ago, 70 percent of our drinking water came from surface water; now it comes from municipal wells, which is unsustainable for the Twin Cities.

The Lake Level Resolution Committee of the White Bear Lake Conservation District has a three-point plan to restore the lake level. First, conserve precious water resources by using less water per person, per day. (There are many ways to reduce our water use from shower heads, spray nozzles in faucets, etc.) Second, augment our lake with surface water from the Mississippi River. Third, the metropolitan Twin Cities must transition back to sourcing drinking water from surface water, i.e., the Mississippi River.

MIKE DOWNING, White Bear Lake