Fixing a problem you helped create — like, say, buying more milk after accidentally leaving a full carton out overnight or upgrading an offensive line after years of neglect — is worthy of some credit, but only partial credit.

At least it's better than not solving the problem at all.

So some kudos are in order for the Milwaukee Brewers, who appear to have had the good sense to return to a version of their "ball and glove" logo as their primary brand in 2020.

A leaked image on shows the new logo on a preview of a baseball card set, and the site has more details.

Though there are some updates from the old ball and glove logo — which the Brewers used from 1978-1993 before making a switch — the basic concept is the same (yes, with the glove and ball still cleverly making an "M" and "B" for Milwaukee Brewers).

The Brewers have increasingly used the retro logo in recent years — including 52 games last season, per Sports Logos. But it appears they are righting a wrong for their 50th season in Milwaukee. The team hasn't confirmed it, but they didn't exactly deny it.