St. Paul loses two beloved restaurants this weekend, when both Foxy Falafel and Ngon Bistro turn off the lights for the last time.

Both restaurants announced last week that July 22 would be their last day of service.

Erica Strait founded Foxy Falafel first as a popular farmers market stand, then made the leap 11 years ago to a permanent home at 791 Raymond Av.

"I want to express my deepest gratitude to our loyal staff, whose dedication and passion brought my culinary vision to life day after day," Strait said on social media. "I am immensely grateful for the love and support we received from the community, and I hope that my restaurant has left a lasting mark on your taste buds and hearts."

She said the decision was bittersweet, but with the end of her current lease, she knew it was time.

The response has been so great that Foxy Falafel is already out of certain menu items, and posts on social media have noted that the restaurant will only stay open as long as there is still food to serve — including Strait's signature stoplight falafel, a mix of her signature green, beet and turmeric-colored curry falafels.

There's been a similar outpouring of memories and gratitude for the groundbreaking Ngon Bistro, at 799 University Av. W. The restaurant has been showered with accolades during its 16-year run, including national notice as a James Beard Award semifinalist in 2020.

The restaurant blended Vietnamese, French and American influences and became a destination for some and a regular visit for its St. Paul neighbors. Diners returned for the pho made with Thousand Hills soup bones and ethereal spice aromas, an iconic crispy rabbit dumpling luxuriating in a rich curry sauce, and the irresistible specials that kept the menu fresh and exciting.

"It's been an epic run of 16+ years," wrote chef/owner Hai Truong on social media.