Admitting to “mistakes and errors in judgment,” former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch issued a statement Wednesday saying she had an inappropriate relationship with a staffer.

“I am deeply sorry by engaging in a relationship with a Senate staffer,” she wrote Wednesday.

Insisting she has not broken any laws or violated Senate rules, “I want to express my deep regret and apologies to my constituents, the Republican party, my fellow legislators, friends and most importantly, my family,” Koch wrote.

Koch, a Buffalo Republican, said she has caused enormous pain for the people she loves and for those she worked with.

“The events of recent days have been very difficult for me and those close to me,” she said. “It is important that I spend time now focusing on the challenging days ahead as I work through some very personal issues.”

Koch resigned as majority leader last week after being confronted by fellow Senators about allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a male staffer. Koch never confirmed or denied the allegations at the time and has avoided the media ever since.

Koch said when she stepped down from the Senate's top position that she would not seek re-election. Some senators have said she should leave the Senate now, but the statement gave no hint of her future with the body.

Koch served as majority leader for 11 months, after helping ensure historic wins to give the GOP control of the Senate for the first time in 40 years.

Senate Republicans are scheduled to vote Tuesday on a new majority leader.