Hard to believe, but as of Tuesday, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have been married for a month. She told E! while at Bloomingdale's NYC on Wednesday night to promote her jewelry line about her sly test of her husband:

"I wanted to see if he would say anything, so I didn't say anything all day ... And then at the end of the night when we were going to bed, I kissed him goodnight and I was like, 'Happy one-month anniversary.' He was like, "How did you remember?'"

Kim's response to his query? "Check the calendar!" she laughed.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail was featuring photos of the couple while in Minnesota over Labor Day weekend: a set of them getting affectionate while boating, another of them leaving a gym after playing some basketball and one of them heading to see Kris' parents. Be sure to check out Kim's outfit in the last set, which the Daily Mail described as "a two-in-one ensemble, with a thigh-skimming mini dress complimented by the more modest floor-length chiffon material. The silver neckline added a splash of bling, but also resembled a vicar's collar as it wrapped around her."

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