Mother's Day is just a few days away and I've put together a list of my favorite Mother's Day gift ideas:

1. For the mom who hasn't printed out pictures in 3 years:

Enter Chatbooks.

If mom is always snapping away on Instagram, yet rarely prints photos, she will love these. Each 60-page book is just $6 and you can subscribe so that mom gets 1, or 5, or all at one time. Download the app and use code AWKWQH3L and your first book is FREE.

2. For the busy mom who likes to read:

SAVOR by Shauna Niequist is the perfect book for moms looking for a daily dose of encouragement and prayer. Each day is just a page long, includes a real life story, a thought-provoking question and, often times, a scripture.

3. For the mom with little voices:

They grow out of their little voices so quickly it's so nice to have a way to preserve them and hear them and remember just how sweet they sounded. I love these Hallmark books that are available at local Hallmark stores as well as CVS and Walgreens. Dads, take an hour with your kids and record their answers — moms will treasure it forever.

4. For any mom:

Several years back I read in a magazine something about buying a sketchbook and having your kids write you a note or draw you a picture each year. It is by far my favorite Mother's Day gift ever. My husband plans time to take the kids and have them write a note and draw a picture — they even print a few photos from the year to include.

It is so fun to read and look at each year and it's where I save all of the other cards and pictures they make at school for Mother's Day. It's the most treasured gift I receive each year.

What are the best Mother's Day gifts you've given or received?