A day after dismissing all counts against one of the men involved in a November 2015 shooting of Black Lives Matter protesters, a Hennepin County judge on Tuesday upheld nearly all of the charges against two of the other men accused in the incident

Nathan Gustavsson, 22, and Joseph Backman, 28, were charged with one count of felony riot and five felony counts of aiding an offender, Allen “Lance” Scarsella, who fired the shots and was convicted in early February of felony first-degree assault and riot. He awaits sentencing April 26.

Defense attorneys for both Gustavsson and Backman filed motions saying the charges against them were unwarranted. But Judge Hilary Caligiuri upheld all of the charges against Gustavsson, saying there was enough evidence to proceed with the case against him.

Caligiuri dismissed the riot charge against Backman, finding that he was not with Scarsella when he fired eight shots at protesters, wounding five of them.

On Monday, Caligiuri dismissed all charges against a fourth man involved in the incident, Daniel Macey, saying there was no evidence he was involved in causing a riot or aiding Scarsella in concealing evidence after the shooting.