Post time: 12:45 p.m. Best bet: Unfailing (11th race). Best play: 50-cent Pick 4 ticket— Race 8, (All/All/2/2), $28.00.

1 400 yards. Open. 3-year-olds. Trials. Purse: $6,000.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Jess Doin Time (Esqueda, Olmstead)124/5-2

2: Cartels Special Girl (Jasso, Johnson)124/12-1

3: Flashing Candy (Romero, Crawford)124/3-1

4: Jess Wagon P (Torres, Charette-Hill)124/10-1

5: Legendari (Navarrete, Jr., Hardy)124/7-2

6: Heza Blues Man (Eikleberry, Hammes)124/6-1

7: High Exchange Rate (Smith, Crawford)124/8-1

JESS DOIN TIME was pinched at the start last race and deserves another chance. FLASHING CANDY was impressive winner two back. LEGENDARI flashed improved speed last out for the win.

2 400 yards. Open. 3-year-olds. Trials. Purse: $6,000.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Cartels Queen (Swiontek, Hammes)124/8-1

2: Thats So Fetch (Jasso, Johnson)124/12-1

3: Cr Lil Bro (Esqueda, Olmstead)124/7-2

4: King of the Candy (Smith, Crawford)124/9-2

5: Sweet Bab of Return (Navarrete, Jr., Hardy)124/6-1

6: Vf Count Dracula (Ramirez, Manriquez)124/10-1

7: Fast Bobby (Romero, Crawford)124/5-2

8: Hr Back N the Day (Torres, Charette-Hill)124/5-1

FAST BOBBY is alert gate-breaker and strictly the one to beat. Hr BACK N THE DAY has three wins in six career starts. KING OF THE CANDY broke his maiden last out as the heavily bet favorite.

3 400 yards. Open. 3-year-olds. Trials. Purse: $6,000.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Ja Go Forest Go (Ramirez, Campos)124/6-1

2: Hey Seis (Smith, Crawford)124/4-1

3: The Fish Cartel (Torres, Charette-Hill)124/8-1

4: The Bald Eagle (Esqueda, Olmstead)124/7-2

5: Stripper Dust (Jackson, Pascoe)124/5-1

6: Maghelene (Serrano, Olmstead)124/12-1

7: Frenemies (Jasso, Johnson)124/10-1

8: Sunlight Seven (Romero, Crawford)124/3-1

THE BALD EAGLE has had growing pains this season and looks to get back to winning ways. SUNLIGHT SEVEN has been knocking on the door but still is looking for first win. HEY SEIS is usually in the hunt but hasn’t found the winner’s circle since her debut.

4 400 yards. Open. 3-year-olds. Trials. Purse: $6,000.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Lady Kathryn (Tapia, Johnson)124/15-1

2: Apollitical Mogul (Esqueda, Olmstead)124/4-1

3: Veuve Clicquot (Romero, Crawford)124/9-5

4: Mr Corona Crystal (Ramirez, Almanza)124/12-1

5: Bhr Flashing Effort (Jasso, Johnson)124/15-1

6: Ivory by Choice (Smith, Crawford)124/10-1

7: Spy for the Senate (Jackson, Pascoe)124/3-1

8: Its No Sin to Win (Navarrete, Jr., Hardy)124/6-1

VEUVE CLICQUOT has been a sharp winner last two races. SPY FOR THE SENATE came up a half-length short to top pick last out. APOLLITICAL MOGUL is consistent competitor and has two wins in last three starts.

5 4½ furlongs. Open. 2-year-olds. Maiden special weight. Purse: $28,000.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Black Elk (Mawing, Silva)118/10-1

2: Cintarosa Ranch (Eikleberry, Silva)118/8-1

3: Tres Chiflados (Gonzalez, Silva)118/5-2

4: Richard Ronald (Goncalves, Scherer)118/2-1

5: Dramatic Excape (Arrieta, Hanson)118/3-1

6: Euromantic (Hamilton, Hanson)118/9-2

Wide-open baby field of first-time starters, but I’ll give the edge to RICHARD RONALD, who comes in with some sharp works. Trainer Gary Scherer is a high-percentage trainer with first time starters. Both DRAMATIC EXCAPE and EUROMANTIC support bullet drills in their works.

6 7½ furlongs on turf. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden special weight. Purse: $28,000.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Kilarney Blarney (Garner, Applebee)123/10-1

2: Rocknroll Rocket (Mojica, Diodoro)120/5-2

3: Sho Poke (Loveberry, Tracy, Jr.)123/6-1

4: Golden Sceptor (Goncalves, Lund)120/2-1

5: Fudge Tough (Butler, Robertson)120/7-2

6: Brozilian (Arrieta, Kenney)123/8-1

7: Kalo (Gonzalez, Padilla)120/15-1

ROCKNROLL ROCKET would be compromised by a fast pace with his late closing kick, and should be picking them off late down the stretch. GOLDEN SCEPTOR will most likely accept the front-running position in a field lacking speed. Has been third best last two out. FUDGE TOUGH ran in a holding pattern last out and landed in the second spot. Expect to be in the tracking spot from the start.

7 1 mile. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $10,000. Purse: $13,500.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: C’Mon Chrome (Hamilton, Hanson)120/10-1

2: May We All (Arrieta, Sharp)120/9-2

3: Hamazing Vision (Goodwin, Hornsby)123/7-2

4: Mommy’s Soldier (Meche, Applebee)123/12-1

5: Sunz Up (Eikleberry, Bravo)123/5-1

6: Everado (Mojica, Diodoro)123/9-5

7: Delta Reward (Loveberry, Hornsby)120/6-1

EVERADO has been a double flop as the chalk last two races, coming up a half-length short in each. Expect to be sitting in the basement before cutting loose. MAY WE ALL was a gate-to-wire winner last out as the favorite and appears to be lone speed again. One to catch to get the win. DELTA REWARD got his first win on a sloppy track last effort, so rate higher with moisture on the track. Should keep May We All honest up front.

8 11⁄16 miles on turf. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Allowance optional claiming: $15,000. Purse: $30,000.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Swannyland (Hernandez, Swan)117/8-1

2: Americandy (Martin, Jr., Stidham)117/5-1

3: Broken Key (Eikleberry, Broberg)123/5-2

4: Mesa Skyline (Goncalves, Lund)123/10-1

5: Greyflower (Hamilton, Rarick)120/15-1

6: Mambocello (Arrieta, McFarlane)120/6-1

7: Chocolateicecream (Lindsay, Van Winkle)120/7-2

8: Bourque (Gonzalez, Silva, Jr.)120/9-2

BROKEN KEY is capable on both surfaces, in case rain takes the race off the turf. Impressive winner last out on the grass drawing away from the field as the chalk. CHOCALATEICECREAM could prove tough if race remains on the lawn. Second best last two efforts at this level. BORQUE will be pursued by the field as the likely pacesetter and will attempt to control a moderate pace to the wire.

9 6 furlongs. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $5,000. Purse: $12,000.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Race the Moon (Martin, Jr., Biehler)123/5-2

2: Road to Damascus (Gonzalez, Padilla)123/7-2

3: Beer Sheriff (Loveberry, Anderson)123/8-1

4: Aquamarine (Hernandez, Riecken)123/10-1

5: California Gold (Gonzalez, Silva, Jr.)123/12-1

6: Ain’tseentheball (Goncalves, Pfeifer)123/3-1

7: Magic Cowboy (Arrieta, Bethke)123/6-1

AQUAMARINE had to deal with broken reins last out, so draw a line through that race. Could be new ballgame with the drop in class and without any mishaps. RACE THE MOON was runner-up last race at huge odds and comes in as the M/L favorite today. Should be saving ground along the rail with Eddie Martin Jr. aboard. AIN’TSEENTHEBALL owns excellent positional speed and should keep front-runner honest.

10 6 furlongs. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Starter allowance. Purse: $12,500.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Ronnie Cloud (Ramirez, Holdaway)120/12-1

2: Unleash the Beast (Gonzalez, Silva, Jr.)123/9-5

3: Williston Dude (Meche, Bethke)123/6-1

4: Peacock Cowboy (Goncalves, Lund)120/2-1

5: Duke of Luke (Arrieta, Bethke)123/4-1

6: Smarty Party Papa (Eikleberry, Litfin)120/8-1

UNLEASH THE BEAST brings early zip to the game and comes off career-best speed figure for the win last out. PEACOCK COWBOY will try to run out the clock on the lead to the finish. Winner two and three back in gate-to-wire fashion. DUKE OF LUKE and WILLISTON DUDE are probably best used underneath, but both are coming off hard-fought wins.

11 1 mile. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming: $10,000. Purse: $11,500.

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Slightly Crafty (Goodwin, Hornsby)120/12-1

2: Unfailing (Mojica, Diodoro)123/8-5

3: Listen to Rose (Hamilton, Hornsby)123/8-1

4: Smoke Break (Roman, Sharp)120/5-1

5: Wild Monkey (Garner, Applebee)123/7-2

6: Sir Zebo (Meche, Sheehan)123/5-2

UNFAILING has been facing tougher and should get the win in the nightcap. Expected to be a single on most Late Pick 4 tickets. LISTEN TO ROSE has a strong series of works coming in for his debut and might be main threat if ready to go. SMOKE BREAK didn’t show much sprinting in debut, but maybe stretching out is something he prefers.