The hits keep on coming for the Minnesotan who went viral after getting her head stuck in a giant tailpipe.

Kaitlyn Strom was outside the Winstock Country Music Festival last month when she became enamored with a truck’s over-sized exhaust pipe and poked her head inside it. The local fire department freed her with a chainsaw. She was reportedly cited for minor consumption. A six-second video of the incident has been viewed millions of times.

On Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel extended her 15 minutes of fame by featuring her and the truck’s owner, Tom Wold, on his late-night show.

The interview is, by all accounts, incredible. For starters, Strom and Wold speak with Kimmel from the small-town bar where the tailpipe is now displayed.

Throughout the interview, Kimmel gets his usual (and much deserved) digs in.

At one point he says “Look out Florida, Minnesota is giving you a run for your money.”