Jimmy Jam's little girl has gotten big enough to be described as an "anti-Kardashian" player in the modeling game.

Popular magazine named Bella Harris a member of "the latest crop of 'it' girls charming the fashion world." The others are Sofia Richie, Lionel's daughter, and Josie Canseco, Jose's daughter.

"Though the high school freshman has a famous last name (dad is a music producer with acts like Janet Jackson and Usher in his portfolio), she's more concerned with her next pop quiz than getting involved with the paparazzi," reads Popular. "We spoke with the 14-year-old [who has since turned 15] after her big Popular shoot with Davis Factor. Spoiler alert: she's pretty awesome."

I asked Bella's mom, Lisa Harris, to ask the kid how she is avoiding a big head from all this attention. Via e-mail, Bella replied: "I am honored that the magazine named me an it girl, but my life is still the same. I am still a freshman in high school with the same friends and schedule. I am aware that younger girls are starting to follow me so I hope to be a good role model for them."

Bella would like to be a runway model during Fashion Week and much more. "I'm still too young for shows in New York and Paris but that is a goal. I would like to also have a career in the fashion industry. I hope to have a clothing line of my own or represent fashion in some way in the future. I want to move to New York when I am 18 and make fashion and modeling a business for myself."

In Bella's Popular Q&A, she was asked if she has any music world faves right now. "I listen to a lot of Drake, and I love Rihanna."

I was surprised Jimmy Jam hasn't introduced Bella to Drake, Rihanna or anybody else in the music world she is interested in meeting.

"No," said Lisa. "She loves Rihanna, she loves Beyoncé. [Bella has met Bey; her brother Max has met Ri-Ri.] She hasn't met Drake. Too old."

I think Drake would behave himself around a child, even one dressed like this, to wit: Mom doesn't think this photo is too sexy, in all its legginess?

"SHE'S WEARING A BATHING SUIT and a coat!" said Lisa. "Sexy? What? My point is it's a body business, so I don't look at it [that way]. It's a posed picture. She has a one-piece bathing suit on. It's artistic."

'Animals' maker headed here

Chicago-based moviemaker Chris Charles tells me he is moving his company, Throughline Films, to the Twin Cities.

A movie he's already finished, "Animals," is being screened at the Mall of America theaters at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. " 'Animals' is a refreshing take on [the] drug genre," said Charles, "a love triangle with the two characters and their drug of choice, heroin."

Charles didn't know what a rich vein Minnesota is for moviemakers before talking to Minnesota Film and TV Board exec director Lucinda Winter. She "was the one who told our partner Sherwood Herndon about the snowbate incentive and the talent here," Charles said. "Our initial concern was that there wasn't going to be enough crew. But you guys have just a robust advertising community. We had been coming here for years working with a full-service postproduction sound facility."

So why didn't he know about our great movie infrastructure? "You know, I think the problem is [we're] from New York and Chicago," said Charles. "It's quite impressive, in some ways better than Chicago."

Throughline Films co-founder John W. Bosher is moving here. Herndon, exec producer of 10,000 Lakes Entertainment, and a Wu-Tang Clan executive, relocated his family to the Twin Cities a couple of months ago. "He is going to be exec producer of our entire upcoming slate of 12 films to be shot over the next few years in Minnesota," said Charles.

More to Vonn-Woods split?

Yes, I saw the UK's Daily Mail story when it broke Tuesday alleging the real reason the Lindsey Vonn-Tiger Woods romance ended.

I think I would rather hold my fire until either Vonn or Woods confirms that disappointing but less-than-shocking allegation. But I may retract my wish that ex-wife Elin Nordegren take back Tiger.

Jim Rome went at this possibly made-up story hard Wednesday on his national radio show. Confirmed what sports guys deny: They love gossip.

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