Do you live in Minnesota? Do you love Jimmy Fallon (or just feeding celebrities)? Well, you're in luck! "The Tonight Show" host wants to try your home-cooked meal while he's in town for the Super Bowl.

"I can't wait to be in Minneapolis," he said on his show this week. "I'm excited to go there. I've never been."

Fallon said he enjoys filming shows in different cities because "you get to meet new people and you get to try new foods."

And apparently, he is well aware of our famous Juicy Lucy cheeseburgers.

"I heard they have great food thereā€¦ Juicy Lucy. You know what I'm talking about?" he asked his announcer Steve Higgins.

"Mmm hmmmm," Higgins responded with a smirk.

Fallon then attempted to describe what our well-known burger consists of.

"It is a hamburger with a chunk of cheese on the inside, or something, that melts on the inside so when you bite into the cheeseburger you get scalded by hot cheese."

Higgins jokingly added, "it's like a meat hot pocket."

The Juicy Lucy got "The Tonight Show" host thinking that "maybe instead of going to a restaurant, I'll just show up at some random person's house for dinner. Bring a bottle of wine, hang out, meet the family!"

So, his team decided to organize it and make it happen. If you're interested, send an e-mail to with a special recipe you'd like him to try and why he should visit your home.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar told Fallon on Twitter to "look no further than hot dish. It's the quintessential home-cooked Minnesota dinner." She also said she would offer up her "award-winning Taconite Tater Tot Hot Dish."

Fallon said that his visit to the lucky Minnesotan's home will be captured on Facebook Live. (Read our full interview with Fallon here.)