Molte Grazie, Italia: we will be spared the sight of the Situation sneering at a marble statue and telling the dude he’s too pale. New York Post says:
Looks as if Micheangelo’s David might be the only one in Florence flashing his abs.


Authorities there have reportedly revoked permits for the cast and crew of “Jersey Shore” to tape at the most legendary sites in the historic city.


The cast members got as far as Newark Airport for the flight over the weekend before receiving word and heading home.

The yanked permits might have something to do with the fact that the show started airing in Italy recently, and people were not happy to see Italians depicted as alcoholic cretins. The mayor of Florence had decreed, in that inimitable European fashion that comes in handy sometimes, that they couldn’t shoot in clubs or bars. Why? BECAUSE, that’s why. The city had issued permits to shoot in the Uffizi museum and the Palazzo Vecchio, but apparently someone woke up and said “we did what?” and that was the end of that.

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