It’s one of the most common moves in basketball – the pick-and-roll.

On Sunday night, even though the Wolves knew that’s what the Jazz were doing almost every time down the floor, they were powerless to stop it in a 125-111 loss.

Utah destroyed the Wolves with the pick-and-roll involving Rudy Gobert, leading to an offensive outburst in the second half for Utah, who shot 71 percent in the final 24 minutes.  

“That gave us problems,” said Andrew Wiggins, who had 35 points that went to waste because of the Wolves’ problems on defense.

Utah was able to get open looks from 3-point range and around the rim as a result. The Jazz shot 23 of 33 from the restricted area around the rim. As of late Sunday night, that was the second-highest amount of field goals in the NBA on Sunday. The Jazz also shot 4 of 8 on 3s from the left corner, were 1 of 8 from the right corner and 10 of 22 on 3-point shots above the break. As for defending the corner 3 better, interim coach Ryan Saunders said the Wolves could help less off shooters, but that requires better on-ball defense.  

“You can say you’re not helping off the corner with things … but with that comes controlling the dribbler,” Saunders said. “I’ve said it before, but controlling the dribbler so the help doesn’t have to come and we have to do that without fouling as well.”

The Jazz shot 15 of 39 from 3-point range, 46 of 86 overall.

Okogie goes for tests

There was a scary moment during the first quarter when rookie guard Josh Okogie hit the deck after Gobert climbed over his back for a dunk. Okogie was on the floor for a few seconds after the play before getting up. He said he got hit in the head and though he was able to keep playing, Okogie said he was going for further testing after the game.