Plenty of NBA players have become acquainted with the "Eurostep," a misdirection move often makes defenders look silly.

James Harden of the Rockets might be the best at it (though Andrew Wiggins of the Wolves has used it plenty as well). A few nights back, a Harden Eurostep against the Raptors brought the move into further discussion: Is it a traveling violation?

The official Twitter account of NBA referees weighed in to say that — at least in the NBA — what Harden did (and often does) is legal.

Basically, a player is allowed to gather a dribble without that counting as a step, then take TWO MORE STEPS, during which he looks like a running back carrying a ball and trying to find a cutback lane. It's absurd.

Harden did it again Thursday against the Raptors, and it looked even worse to me. But again, technically it's not a traveling violation?

Maybe we can agree on this: The Eurostep isn't fair. And maybe it should be illegal even if the NBA says it isn't?