Joseph W. Schneider, of Annandale, Minn., was sentenced Wednesday in Wright County District Court to 30 days in jail and three years' probation. He pleaded guilty to a felony count of failing to report a death on July 15 in connection with the incident near Camp Friendship, about 6 miles north of Annandale, that killed Alexander J. Hilsgen, 24, of nearby Clearwater.

If eligible, Schneider can opt to serve his time in the workhouse or under "sentence to serve," which often means being part of a supervised work crew. His sentence also includes 300 hours of community service. He can have his conviction reduced from felony to misdemeanor if he abides by the terms of his probation.

County Attorney Brian Lutes said in an email to the Star Tribune that Schneider's sentence fell within state guidelines.

"Because Schneider was not the cause of the crash that killed the decedent, it was not a criminal vehicular operation case," Lutes said. "He was charged with failing to stop for a collision resulting in death, which is a low-level felony."

"Obviously, [it was an] incredibly poor decision to drive with passengers in the bed of the truck," he added.

According to the criminal complaint, several Camp Friendship counselors were drinking at the Rendezvous Bar & Grill in Annandale that night, and Schneider gave them a ride back. Hilsgen was not a counselor but tagged along. He was among seven people in the pickup's bed.

Hilsgen's hat blew away during the ride, and a witness said Hilsgen jumped from the moving truck to retrieve it. Surveillance footage from the camp allegedly showed Schneider driving over Hilsgen.

"A loud bang is heard on the video, and the lights from a white truck change direction," the complaint read.

After the truck entered the parking lot, the video revealed Schneider getting out and running toward the road where Hilsgren was run over. Schneider got back in the truck and drove off.

Police identified Schneider as a suspect and went to his home, where he told police that he had three mixed drinks at the bar. He denied then that he hit anyone.

Schneider's driving history in Minnesota includes nine convictions for speeding in the past four years, court records show.