All three species of jaeger have been seen off shore along Wisconsin Point for the past week. Wisconsin Point is the city of Superior's equivalent of Park Point in Duluth. Observers have been seeing a Long-tailed Jaeger on a daily basis. Parasitic and Pomarine Jaegers have been less reliable. However, one day a dozen Poms were counted. Jaegers are tundra nesters. They’re in migration now, heading for coastal waters. Jaegers are seen each fall in Duluth and Superior. They’re attracted by the large number of gulls that frequent the Lake Superior shoreline, many of the gulls attracted to the City of Superior landfill that is located just east of Wisconsin Point. The jaegers harass the gulls to make them cough up recent food finds, which the jaegers then eat. In the photos below, taken Tuesday, a Long-tailed Jaeger and a Ring-billed Gull mix it up, first the jaeger on the attack, and then the gull returning the favor.