It can seem like everyone knows everyone in the Twin Cities, meaning the dating pool can seem … small. When Netflix's most popular dating show "Love is Blind" announced it would cast singles in Minneapolis last year, excitement and trepidation spread among local fans convinced they'd soon see their ex on TV.

Though the current season of "Love is Blind" is still airing, fans in Minneapolis are already reporting sightings of film crews and the show's signature golden cups around the city.

The show, which is mum on any fan sightings, casts 15 men and 15 women living in the same area who are looking for love. While the singles are able to talk about their compatibility and settling down, they have to do so — and decide to be with one another — sight unseen.

One Minneapolis fan spotted a film crew in a local restaurant over the weekend, which had a filming notice on the door from Delirium TV — a production company that's worked on past seasons of "Love Is Blind" — that it was filming an untitled television show in the area.

Another fan posted pictures of a filming crew at work outside a downtown Minneapolis apartment building.

A Star Tribune reporter dining Sunday at Luna + the Bear in the Whittier neighborhood saw a TV crew filming. Some diners had to sign nondisclosure agreements if they entered the restaurant while a couple dined, the reporter said.

On TikTok, a Minnesota travel creator also spotted filming in the North Loop before guessing some trendy spots she could expect to see cast members falling in love. In another video, a fan said they saw filming at Pryes Brewing in northeast Minneapolis.

"Love Is Blind" began casting in Minneapolis last March, asking applicants to be "open-minded."