3M Corp.

Ty R. Silberhorn, officer

Exercised options: 1,967Price: $101.49

Shares sold: 1,967Price: $158.19

Date: Feb. 21Directly holds: 1,882

Allete Inc.

Alan R. Hodnik, officer and director

Shares sold: 6,000Price: $80.39

Date: Feb. 21Directly holds: 58,888

Best Buy Co. Inc.

Whitney L. Alexander, officer

Shares sold: 1,852Price: $77.18

Date: Feb. 28Directly holds: 50,186

Calyxt Inc.

Travis Frey, chief technology officer

Shares purchased: 200Price: $6.43

Date: March 2Directly holds: 1,500

Yves Joseph Ribeill, director

Shares sold: 9,990Price: $5.41–$5.54

Date: Feb. 28Directly holds: 30,030

Canterbury Park Holding Corp.

Randall D. Sampson, CEO

Exercised options: 15,000Price: $8.28

Date: Feb. 24Directly holds: na

Ecolab inc.

Larry L. Berger, chief technology officer

Exercised options: 16,235Price:


Shares sold: 16,235Price: $207.75

Date: Feb. 21Directly holds: 29,504

Jill S. Wyant, officer

Exercised options: 92,946Price:


Shares sold: 101,891Price: $194.54–$204.69

Date: Feb. 24–26Directly holds: 8,773

General Mills Inc.

Jacqueline Williams-Roll, officer

Exercised options: 15,582Price: $37.40

Shares sold: 15,582Price: $54.90

Date: Feb. 21Directly holds: 50,878

Hormel Foods Corp.

Dakota A. Pippins, director

Shares sold: 5,000Price: $44.67

Date: Feb. 26Directly holds: 86,664

Insignia Systems Inc.

Funicular Fund L.P., beneficial owner

Shares purchased: 17,243Price:

Date: Feb. 24–March 2$0.74–$0.78

Directly holds: 1,350,890

MTS Systems Corp.

David J. Anderson, director

Shares purchased: 1,400Price:

Date: Feb. 25–27$41.35–$44.14

Directly holds: 31,766

Northern Oil and Gas Inc.

Robert B. Rowling, beneficial owner

Shares purchased: 5,000,000Price:

Date: Feb. 24-26$1.47–$1.49

Indirectly holds: 85,129,104

Pentair PLC

Mark C. Borin, CFO

Exercised options: 41,743Price:


Shares sold: 37,755Price: $44.67–$44.73

Date: Feb. 21Directly holds: 45,608

Sleep Number Corp.

Kevin Brown, officer

Shares sold: 4,000Price: $57.75

Date: Feb. 21Directly holds: 13,490

Suresh Krishna, officer

Exercised options: 15,221Price:


Shares sold: 28,821Price: $53–$53.33

Date: Feb. 25Directly holds: 39,390

Joseph Hunter Saklad, chief tech. officer

Exercised options: 1,704Price: $34.35

Shares sold: 9,390Price: $53.01–$56.80

Date: Feb. 21–25Directly holds: 53,425

Tactile Systems Technology Inc.

Bryan F. Rishe, officer

Shares sold: 2,330Price: $55.75

Date: Feb. 25Directly holds: 36,541

Winmark Corp.

Paul C. Reyelts, director

Shares sold: 1,000Price: $197.05

Date: Feb. 28Indirectly holds: 18,181

Xcel Energy Inc.

Benjamin G.S. Fowke III, CEO

Shares sold: 94,629Price: $70.57

Date: Feb. 24Directly holds: 568,470

David L. Eves, officer

Shares sold: 15,000Price: $64.46–$69.02

Date: Feb. 26-Mar. 2Directly holds: 55,304

Robert C. Frenzel, CFO

Shares sold: 4,000Price: $67.64

Date: March 4Directly holds: 61,873

Kent T. Larson, officer

Shares sold: 15,000Price: $64.80

Date: March 2Directly holds: 74,708

Scott M. Wilensky, general counsel

Shares sold: 29,929Price: $66.31

Date: March 3Directly holds: 82,108