P.J. Fleck is making $3.6 million this season under terms of his previous extension, which he signed last December, keeping him under contract through 2023. His new contract, pending approval, is a seven-year, $33.25 million deal that starts in 2020. A look at the key financials:


2020 $4.6 million

2021 $4.65M

2022 $4.7M

2023 $4.75M

2024 $4.8M

2025 $4.85M

2026 $4.9M


If Fleck left, amount new employer would owe the U ...

2020 $10 million

2021 $4.5M

2022 or 2023 $3M

2024 or 2025 $2M

2026 $0

Termination: If the Gophers fire Fleck, they would owe him 65% of the salary he is scheduled to make through 2026. So, for example, if they wanted to fire Fleck after the 2021 season, they would owe him $15.6 million.


Staffing: In Fleck’s new contract, the university will make $1.05 million available to increase the salaries of his assistant coaches in 2020 and another $200,000 available for their increases in 2021. So offensive coordinator Kirk Ciarrocca and the others are getting built-in raises, too.