Wearing a uniform isn’t for everyone, but it suits Jake Rudh. He’s one of the best-known DJs in the Twin Cities, and his vintage wardrobe is as revered as his retro sounds.

Punctuated by authentic Navy peacoats, Air Force shirts with epaulets, plus skinny ties, Rudh’s style is simple yet sophisticated.

“I always wanted to be a commercial airline pilot growing up,” Rudh said. “I went to school for it, but I changed my major when I found out you needed to know so much math.”

What didn’t change was Rudh’s appreciation for the jet-setting fashion. With his feet kicked back in a 1970s Eames lounge chair in the living room of his midcentury modern home in south Minneapolis, Rudh talked about his fascination with a bygone era and showed off a few of his closet staples.

1. Vintage rock T-shirts. “They will always stand the test of time.”

2. Munsingwear polo shirts. “This is what I live in in the summertime. I have them in every color.”

3. Converse shoes. “Cool. Comfortable. Classic. I live in these year-round.”

4. Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. “They’re classic. They never go out of style.”

5. Navy-issued vintage peacoats. “This is just a classic peacoat, but a real one from the 1960s or ’70s. Every department store replicates these things, but this is the real deal. It’s really good quality. These were made for the seas to stop the wind, so it’s great for Minnesota winters.”