Yes, that is Samuel L. Jackson scooping out a cat litter box in a new political ad for Angie Craig, a Minnesota Democrat running for Congress.

"This isn't just a kitty commode, it's Angie Craig's kitty commode," intones the star of "Pulp Fiction," also a mainstay in the Marvel Comics series of blockbuster films. Craig is running against Republican U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis in Minnesota's Second Congressional District.

Adjusting his blue cleaning gloves, Jackson adds: "With the midterms only days away, Angie's busy on the campaign trail 24/7 making sure the people in her district know she's going to fight for them — which is why I'm here scooping out bits of kitty treasure for her."

The Second District race is one of the nation's most competitive this year, as Lewis and Craig compete for votes in the southeastern Twin Cities suburbs and nearby areas. Lewis beat Craig by a slim margin in 2016. It's one in a series of ads featuring Jackson doing household chores for Democratic candidates. The ads are sponsored by Swing Left, a national group working to elect Democrats in House districts now held by Republicans.

Jackson — after scooping animal droppings and dumping them in the trash — tells viewers that it's important for Craig to win so that Democrats take back the U.S. House.

"I'd do anything to help her — anything," Jackson concludes. Then he looks at Craig's cat, shakes his head ruefully, sighs, and says, "I am so not a cat person."