ICU falling: Medical device maker ICU Medical sank 11 percent to $131.88 Friday as the company said an infusion system business it is buying from Pfizer continues to weaken and will generate less profit than hoped.


Copy that: Xerox surged 14 percent, to $6.52 Tuesday after it said it split itself in two, a move the company announced nearly a year ago. The original Xerox kept its printer and copier business. The second company will focus on business process outsourcing, providing payment processing and other services. Xerox shares closed the week at $7.01.


Brisk sales: General Motors stock rose 5.5 percent to $37.09 Wednesday after the carmaker said its total U.S. sales climbed 10 percent last month from a year ago. Sales are expected to slip in 2017. GM shares closed Friday at $35.99.

Heavy metal: Mining company Freeport-McMoRan climbed 7.6 percent, to $14.83 Wednesday as the price of copper jumped. Shares closed the week at $14.90.


Fire sale: Macy’s and Kohl’s reported declines in a key sales measure for November and December. Macy’s said it will sell properties and close stores. Macy’s tumbled 13.8 percent, to $30.86 Thursday, closing the week at $30.82. Kohl’s, which slumped 20 percent, to $41.56 Thursday finished the week at $41.43.


Advise and consent: Advisory company CEB rose 21 percent to $74.95 Thursday after the tech information firm Gartner said that it will pay $2.6 billion to buy CEB for $2.6 billion in cash and stock. CEB shares closed Friday at $75.95.

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