Some of the items carried by Tony Brown and Will Fifer on their cross-country ride across the United States.

1. The communications center: iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, incorporating a Zagg Folio keyboard, synced with each other and the Garmin Edge bike computer (see below).

2. Ortlieb rack pack: The affordable, tough, no-nonsense standard for waterproof bike packs.

3. Park Tool multitool: The Park Tool Rescue, a 21-tool gem that is the Swiss Army Knife of bike multitools.

4. Schwalbe tubes:
Schwalbe SV 17 bicycle tubes, which are lightweight and known for durability. A minor splurge at $9 each.

5. Bike anti-theft disc lock: Carried by Fifer, this is a motion-sensor alarm, clamped to a disc brake, that is intended to frighten thieves and alert bike owners with a shrill alarm.

6. Eton radio: For riding through Tornado Alley in the middle of storm season: When there's no Wi-Fi or cell coverage, you need an Eton windup AM-FM weather radio.

7. Voltaic solar pack: In case the bicyclists get stranded: A Voltaic 6-watt solar panel that, when strapped to a bike's pack, harvests enough power to charge a cellphone several times over. Used by Fifer. Brown is using a Poweradd A+Li-Polymer 5-volt reserve battery capable of recharging several phones or one iPad.

8. Garmin bike computer: Garmin Edge 510. A compact GPS unit with all the usual accessible data — speed, distance, time, altitude, laps, location, temperature — with Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices that map, chart and store it all.