With home interest rates soaring above 6%, many U.S. residents are left living in apartments. These one- or two-bedroom units are typically under 1,000 square feet. For many apartment dwellers, it simply isn't enough space.

Finding room for a stand mixer or enough counter space to bake cookies, or storing your books in the living room and enough closet space for your clothes are issues apartment dwellers face every day. It's not just about the space, either.

Residents pull up Pinterest or watch HGTV and see beautiful homes decked out in the latest interior design trends. The clean, bright walls along with colorful rugs and hardwood floors can seem impossible for people living in apartments.

Tiny homes can be the same way. Living in less than 1,000 square feet, whether it's a starter ranch that was in your price range during the early days of the pandemic or building your own tiny home so you can live clutter-free and on the move, has been a popular trend.

Thankfully, there are ways you can still bring style and sophistication into your home.

Maximize space

Look for vertical space: A lot of people stop at eye level when they consider their space. However, there is lots of room above it. If you can put holes in the walls, floating shelves can be a great way to store things up high. If you can't, think about taller bookcases or organizers to get the most out of the space.

Nonpermanent storage solutions: Most apartments will not allow you to put holes in the wall, so consider storage options you can keep and move to the next apartment or your first home. A rolling island cart in the kitchen is a great way to get extra counter space and storage beneath it. An entertainment center in the living room can help make a great space for your TV, but also books and video game consoles.

Faux built-in storage: Find furniture pieces that could look like they were made into the apartment. Do you have a weird nook you never know what to do with? Go to your local thrift shops and find a cool piece that would fit right in.

Move around your furniture: Sometimes it's less about the pieces and more about how you are using them. Changing the angle of your couch or where you have a bookcase can visually make the room look larger. This will also allow you to make multiuse zones to get the most out of the space.

Adding your own style

Find ways to add color: Use plants, rugs and curtains to bring color into the apartment. No one says you can't add jewel tones or bright colors to a beige carpet and white walls. The good thing about apartments is they tend to be very neutral-toned. This allows you to accent them in almost any color. Pick your favorite and have fun. Don't be afraid to layer an area rug over a neutral carpet to add a burst of color.

Have fun with your bedding: In your bedroom, use a bright comforter or duvet along with fun pillows and an area rug. Bedrooms are one of the easiest rooms to make yours. Think of layers and lay a bright throw blanket on top of your comforter or toss decorative pillows on the bed, as well. Using lamps and curtains can also bring in individuality and cheer into the room.

Most apartments will not allow you to paint your walls. If you can, bring in bright, neutral tones to make the space seem larger. Dark tones or even some dark accent walls will make the room feel smaller. You want to keep the room bright and airy.

If you can't paint your walls, consider painting your furniture. Take that old bookcase and make it a teal or yellow or red. Accent it with plants and a unique metal lamp to make it really pop. Introduce brightly colored dressers, tables, desks and more to bring life into the room.

Hang mirrors strategically: You don't want your apartment to seem like a house of horrors, but consider hanging mirrors strategically to make it seem larger. Use simple mirrors without big, chunky frames to keep the space feeling open.