'How I Met Your Father'

Two previous attempts to create a "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff never saw the light of day. Well, third time's the charm. The concept is pretty much the same; it's just that the genders have switched places. Hilary Duff is a little grating as the lovesick lead, but the writers leave plenty of screen time to the top-notch supporting cast, which includes newcomer Tien Tran as a small-town transplant who's always a New York minute away from a panic attack. Keep an eye out for clever nods to the original CBS sitcom. Tuesday on Hulu

'Family Dinner'

The Magnolia Network, which has taken the place of the DIY Network in the cable universe, relies so much on Andrew Zimmern that he might as well be the company mascot. If you missed the Minnesotan's best series when it premiered on Discovery Plus, you can now catch the episodes on Magnolia, starting with the one in which he breaks bread with Twin Cities media personality Sheletta Brundidge. A lot has happened in Brundidge's life since the July 2020 taping, including a divorce. But it's safe to assume her love for New Orleans cuisine and her children remain intact. 7 p.m. Sunday, Magnolia

'Somebody Somewhere'

I've been smitten with Bridget Everett ever since I saw her open for Amy Schumer at Minneapolis' Varsity Theater — and nearly steal the show. But she hasn't quite found a vehicle to take her to the next level. "Somebody" comes close. She plays a stuck-in-a-rut Kansan who finds solace in a quirky cabaret. The series doesn't really showcase Everett's comic talents, but you're bound to develop a crush of your own. 9:30 p.m. Sunday, HBO

'Sex Appeal'

The welcome trend of teen comedies seen through the eyes of girls continues with this feature about a high school genius (Mika Abdalla) who approaches romance like it was a science experiment. Logic flies out the window when she falls for her "lab rat" (Jake Short). "Appeal" isn't as laugh-out-loud funny as "Plan B" or 'Booksmart," but it still deserves a spot on the honor roll. Hulu

'Wolf Like Me'

Josh Gad and Isla Fisher play two depressed souls whose meet-cute romance is threatened by a monster of a secret (clue: note the series' title). Is it a rom-com? Horror? Sensitive drama? You're never quite sure. That makes the show unique — and a little confusing. Peacock