Sheletta Brundidge’s new friendship with a financial mogul just may lead to her own TV show.

The local media personality has informally made a deal with Marcus Lemonis, the star of CNBC’s “The Profit”, to be a celebrity endorser for his company, Camping World.

The CEO has given away more than 100 RVs since February as part of a campaign to promote the camper lifestyle during these social-distancing times. Brundidge’s Twitter followers started telling Lemonis that Brundidge would be the perfect recipient.

Earlier this year, she had appeared on NBC’s “Ellen Game of Games” in hopes of winning $100,000 so she and her husband could purchase a camper for a summer vacation with their kids, three of which are on the spectrum. She came up short.

But it looks like she may now something better than that cash prize.

Instead of just granting her an economy-size RV, Lemonis is signing off on a deluxe model, a stipend and a multi-year deal in which she’ll also get a fee. In exchange, Brundidge is being tasked with documenting her adventures. The footage may lead to a reality show or film.

Brundidge was skeptical when she first heard from Lemonis, especially since she had never heard of him.

“I was talking to him real slick like, ‘Who the hell are you? You trying to hustle me? You trying to sell me a time share or some Mary Kay? Why would you give me a camper?’” she said Sunday night. “He was quite entertained and actually made me promise not to find who he was so that our conversations would be authentic.”

The strategy worked. In his Twitter announcement Sunday afternoon, Lemonis seemed amused by Brundidge who is never been one to hold back on her opinions.

“I get the feeling she thinks she’s funny,” Lemonis said.

Brundidge plans to pick up the camper sometime early this week and have a Zoom call with her new business partner. The first destination on the family vacation will be Houston so the kids can spend some time with their 99-year-old grandmother.

“I’m overwhelmed and feel so blessed that God chose me for this wonderful opportunity,” Brundidge said. “This will change my life. This will change the lives of my children. We will be able to show other autism families they can travel by RV and show their children the world, despite their limitations.”