Age: 44

Home: Rosemount

Title: Human resources manager for Pawn America

Education: Associate's degree in law enforcement; pursuing a bachelor's degree in human resources

How long have you been in this position? A year

What's a typical day like? I develop and facilitate conceptual training seminars for Pawn America's team members and management. From recruiting new talent to working on ways to retain existing talent, from mediating staff issues to ensuring state-federal labor compliance ... no day is ever the same -- or boring, for that matter. I'm also very involved with coordinating our Kids Feeding Kids program with the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Salary: Typical salary range for a Pawn America director is $60,000 to $100,000.

Previous jobs: Over the last decade, I've been an assistant coach, head coach, and district coach with Pawn America.

Dream job: Professional golfer

How did you get hired? [It] was pure irony. I was unhappy where I was at and was faxing my résumé to potential employers. I misdialed and somehow Pawn America got my résumé. I interviewed and got a job as assistant manager. That was nearly 11 years ago. How I got my current position? The owner thought I had the tools for this position; I strive daily to prove him right.

What is the job outlook for the pawnshop industry? The industry in general is growing, in part due to the change in perceptions. Pawn America has really upped the ante [for] what to expect from a secondhand goods store, so the job outlook is great locally.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Helping more people succeed here at Pawn America ... and by then, enjoying my grandkids.

What best prepared you for this job? At all levels of my career with Pawn America, I've had opportunities to build teams and train people. This bred an innate and genuine concern for the success of our team members and their families.

Biggest career accomplishment: Each promotion has been a major accomplishment for me, but as far as a singular event, it would have to be receiving the store-of-the-year award at the Burnsville Pawn America.

To what do you attribute your success? In life itself I am successful because of my local church and my personal faith. My wife, Michele, and daughters Brianna and Rachael keep me grounded and humble with their love and support. In business, I believe that I am successful because my employer and peers believe in me and allow me freedom to try new things. This makes me better than I ever thought I could be.