Earth Day is right around the corner (April 22), which means my computer is filling up with information about green this and eco that. I've got info on green cleaning products, energy-efficient lighting, water-conserving showerheads and eco-friendly bedding, to name just a few.

But a wire story offering tips on greening your sex life caught my attention.

For starters, sex has never struck me as something in need of greening. It's sort of the ultimate low-tech, organic activity. And, frankly, with kids, pets and dueling work schedules, finding time and opportunity is a more pressing sex challenge for me and my spouse than making sure our conjugal relations are Earth-friendly.

I figured it was just the desperate musings of a lifestyle reporter struggling to come up with a new angle for yet another Earth Day story. (I've been there.) But then I turned on the radio to hear Lori and Julia dishing about green sex products available at local pleasure emporium the Smitten Kitten (

Well! Clearly, green sex is a trend that I had overlooked. I did some sleuthing and even found a website, Planet Green, offering the Top 10 Green Sex Tips ( Apparently many sex toys contain toxic chemicals called phthalates, a substance used to soften hard plastics (and now banned from use in children's toys). Who knew? 

There are vegan condoms for those who want to avoid a milk enzyme that is often added to latex. And apparently the jury is still out on whether latex condoms are biodegradable.

If you want to green your entire boudoir, you can stock up on renewable bamboo sheets and organic-fiber lingerie. Then there's the delicate problem of finding an environmentally appropriate partner. If he or she is hot but drives an Escalade and refuses to recycle, that can be a real libido-killer. (Planet Green suggests trolling for love at the farmer's market or the Whole Foods checkout aisle.) 

I might just go home to my hubby tonight and do something crazy with hormone-free dairy products. Or I might just go to sleep.

How about you? Do you care abour your bedroom's carbon footprint?