A moment of levity (I think) from Wednesday, when injured Wolves guard Zach LaVine met with the media for the first time since he tore his ACL in early February.

First, head coach Tom Thibodeau answered questions about LaVine, including one about what the team has done to make sure LaVine still feels like he's part of the group.

"Yell at him daily," Thibodeau said with a smile before adding, "no, he's done a good job. Whatever your circumstances are, you make the best of them. This is an opportunity for him to maybe look at the game through a different lens. It's a good opportunity to study not only our team but the league."

At least the coach is self-aware enough to know he yells a lot.

LaVine was then told of Thibodeau's comment and laughed. "The first time I got back, he almost poked me a little bit and said, 'I ain't yelled at you in [a month]. Let me get some frustration out.'"