Aufguss basics

What it is: A German sauna wellness ritual, with essential oils and a "sauna meister" guiding the experience and tending the heat.

Where to find: Sauna Society Outfitters (­ and the Hewing Hotel (­ host regular aufguss sessions, as does the 612 Sauna Society's ( mobile sauna.

Cost: $30-$35.

Health benefits: Some studies have found that regular saunas can lower blood pressure and improve blood vessel function and may help people live longer. Aficionados such as local sauna meister Alex Troitzsch claim it can do even more, including boosting the immune system. "It helps to relax the central nervous system, and it helps to relax your muscles as well," he said. "It helps to improve your mood, and it makes you stronger." Because it is more intense than a typical sauna, he recommends only one to two aufguss sessions a week.