As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big on Super Tuesday, only a handful of states bucked the trend, with Minnesota going hardest against the grain by delivering wins for both Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio.

The Twin Cities carried Sanders to victory as he took 62 percent of the metro area DFL vote. On the GOP side, Minnesota was the first – and so far the only – state Rubio has won this primary season, and did well in Minneapolis, St. Paul and other major cities throughout the state.

The GOP results may have been predicted by the Star Tribune’s Minnesota Poll from January, where surveyed Republicans expressed preferences for Rubio, with Cruz – who carried many rural areas where Mike Huckabee lead in 2008 -- trailing close behind. Trump's third place Minnesota finish, meanwhile, could be reflected in the 61 percent of polled Republicans with an unfavorable view of their party’s front-runner.

Minnesota has a history of supporting candidates outside the mainstream, handing Barack Obama a resounding victory in the 2008 caucus over a Clinton who then, too was the Democratic front-runner. Mitt Romney took the state that year too against the eventual Republican nominee John McCain, and also did very well in the metro.

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