Address: North of Engler Boulevard, west of Clover Ridge Drive, Chaska

Type: Industrial

Size: 66 acres

Building space: 506,000 square feet

Developer: Stream Data Centers

Details: Chaska is becoming a hub for data centers in the Twin Cities.

The city recently approved rezoning for 66 acres of farmland north of the West Creek Corporate Center under which Dallas-based Stream Data Centers would be allowed to build up to four new data center buildings as part of what it’s calling the Stream MN3 campus.

The industrial park, north of Engler Boulevard and west of Clover Ridge Drive, was established by the city in 2007 as a place for “clean and quiet” industry. Two data centers have been constructed there so far: a 250,000-square-foot structure for UnitedHealth Group and a 115,000-square-foot structure occupied by Stream.

The company last year received permission to build a second center for U.S. Bank, which is expected to open in December. It is raising the ante with plans for up to four more: two buildings of 150,000 square feet and two of 103,000 square feet.

Site plans were approved for the first 150,000-square-foot center, which will feature a 60,000-square-foot data hall. The company said it is working with the city to supply the power needed to support a large-scale data center build-out, as well as with Xcel Energy to move transmission lines now crossing the property.