Address: 230 Como Av., St. Paul

Type: Municipal

Size: 23,551 square feet

Cost: $6.86 million

Developer: City of St. Paul

Architect: JLG Architects

Details: Construction is set to start in May on a $6.86 million project to replace the aging and undersized Scheffer Recreation Center in St. Paul's Frogtown neighborhood.

The St. Paul Planning Commission last month granted conditional-use permits for the project, which includes razing and replacing the existing 1970s rec building and other site upgrades. Funding for the effort was procured through the city's capital improvement budget process.

Its centerpiece is a new, 23,551-square-foot rec building along Como Avenue designed by Grand Forks, N.D.-based JLG Architects. Its list of amenities includes community rooms; separate rooms for the arts, seniors and teens; a kitchen; "Rec Check" after-school space; and a new gymnasium. It will replace what Parks and Recreation Department officials call the lowest-rated rec center in the city, despite being one of the most heavily used.

The Scheffer renovation project will be carried out in two phases: The new center will be built beginning this spring, followed by the demolition of the old building along with improvements to outdoor facilities such as a new playground, a football/soccer field and other sports areas along with newly constructed sidewalk connections.

City parks officials estimate the project will be completed by May 2019.