These days, it's not uncommon for principals to perform outlandish stunts in an effort to entice students.

Last year, for example, an Eden Prairie principal jumped out of airplane. Others have gotten pies to the face, worn a super hero costume for a day or embarrassed themselves in other creative ways.

Usually the embarrassment only lasts a couple of fleeting moments. Kids laugh. And then life returns to normal.

But not for Jody De St. Hubert, principal of Alice Smith Elementary in Hopkins. She recently carried out a stunt that will likely have heads turning for weeks.

After challenging students last year to read over 10,000 books, De St. Hubert lived up to her end of the deal - dyeing her hair purple and camping on top of the school's roof.

She did both recently and plans to issue a new challenge to students, raising the stakes even further. Maybe a tattoo? Shave off her eyebrows?