Holidays mean family, friends, food and gift-giving. If you're looking to give unique presents this year, consider buying your loved ones things they can use in their homes. Here are great gift suggestions for homeowners this year.

Contact your pro for the best way to give a service as a gift. In some cases, you can buy the service directly; other pros offer gift certificates.

Indoor and outdoor lighting

Changing the lighting scheme in a home can give it a fresh, new look. Whether installing inset or track lighting in your kitchen or bathrooms or adding lights to your deck, a professional can help you safely and efficiently brighten your surroundings. Check with electrical pros to see what services they offer as gifts for others.

Heating and cooling service

Pros recommend having your HVAC system serviced at least twice a year. Making sure the filters are new and ensuring that the AC and furnace are in tip-top shape are essential to keeping a climate-controlled environment in your home. Many HVAC pros offer yearly service contracts, which themselves can make an excellent gift.

Another way to help maintain a steady temperature is through a programmable thermostat. While you can do this yourself, hiring a professional ensures that the system works properly with minimal complications.

Gutter cleaning

Clogged gutters can lead to bigger problems with leaks and water damage, so cleaning them out is a necessary task for any homeowner. Purchasing this service for your loved one keeps them off their roof while saving them time and energy, so they can enjoy their autumn and springtime fun.

Snow removal services

'Tis the season for snow (in some regions), and shoveling takes time and energy that you might not have to spare. A snowblower can help alleviate some physical demands of clearing the white stuff from your sidewalks. But having a snow removal service do the work for you saves you time and physical effort (vital for those with mobility issues). Look for a professional to provide this service to your loved ones this holiday season.

Landscaping and lawn care service

While the snow is falling, we don't always think of our spring green lawns. But the seasons change, and soon the grass will need tending to. Setting up a company to take care of your loved one's lawn now will save them time and money once the seasons change. Also, if someone plans some landscaping changes once warmer weather arrives, you can give them a head start with a gift card from a local landscaping company.

Cleaning service

A clean house brings tranquility and order to one's mind. And the gift of a clean home can mean a lot to people who are on the go or have mobility or health issues. Cleaners provide a variety of options for helping keep a tidy home. Maid services can range from wiping down surfaces to deep cleaning, while window-washing professionals can keep your windows bright and shiny. Carpet cleaners help remove the deep-down dirt in your carpets and rugs, giving your feet a healthy place to tread in the home.

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