If ever there was a time for Hippo Campus frontman Jake Luppen to release a record without having to cram inside a van with his four germy bandmates to promote it, this year certainly fits the bill. And he's about to do just that in October.

The Minneapolis-based singer/guitarist — who was supposed to headline the Basilica Block Party in July with his childhood pals — has announced details of his first solo album under the semi-pseudonym Lupin. The self-titled collection was produced by fellow Twin Citian BJ Burton (Bon Iver, Low) and is due out Oct. 9 via Hippo Campus's New York-based label, Grand Jury Music.

One listen to the first tune previewed from the record, "May," immediately brought to mind another Minneapolitan's name, Prince, with its electro-fried falstetto vocals and a funky synth-pop vibe.

On Wednesday, he dropped two more tracks in one swoop: The songs "Vampire" and "Murder," both of which show a moodier, more introspective side and were accompanied by a pair of fun music videos — one of which might have hometown fans pining for the Zombie Pub Crawl (see below).

In a press release for the album, Luppen promised it will be different from Hippo Campus in other ways, too.

"With this record I wanted to get to the point, and say how things were, as opposed to dancing around them," he said, citing big life changes as inspiration such as a serious break-up and a recent health scare.

"I feel like for a number of years I lost touch with what I wanted. I was thinking about other people for so long, this was the first chance to be asked, 'What do I want?' It was just [bleeping] empowering to be faced with those questions."

His isn't the only recording project to come out of the band's hiatus this year: Guitarist/co-vocalist Nathan Stocker has been making music as Brotherkenzie and now has a full album to show for it, titled "Big What." He and Luppen have also been recording with Happy Children bandleader Caleb Hinz as Baby Boys.

Limited-edition vinyl copies of the Lupin record are now available for pre-order exclusively via Twin Cities shops the Electric Fetus and Down in the Valley.

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