'Here comes Diggins! here comes diggins!'

Duluth's Chad Salmela was part of the NBC crew that delivered a memorable call of the women's team sprint in cross-country skiing early Wednesday. Here's the call, made from NBC's broadcast center in Connecticut, from Salmela and play-by-play announcer Steve Schlanger:

Steve: "So close for the U.S. on so many occasions. … Now moving up on the inside. Into second place."

Chad: "They're all completely gassed! They've given it everything on the klaebo-bakken. [Sweden's] Stina Nilsson leading Jessie Diggins into the final turn. Can Diggins answer?"

Steve: "As the roars rattled around the cross-country stadium in Pyeongchang, Sweden, the U.S. and Norway come into the light!"


Steve: "On the outside, Diggins — making the play, around Sweden! Jessie Diggins to the line …"

Chad: "YES! YES! YES! YES!"

Steve: "And it is Jessie Diggins …"

Chad: "GOLD!"

Steve: "… delivering a landmark moment that will be etched in U.S. Olympic history! The first-ever cross-country gold medal for the U.S."