Just like they've done with Portland recently, the Timberwolves get yet another look at the Lakers tonight in Los Angeles.

This will be the second game between the teams at Staples Center in little more than three weeks and the third overall in that time.

They've split the last two games in those three weeks, with each team winning at home.

The Lakers, you might remeber, trailed by eight points with fewer than 2 1/2 minutes left and rallied to win 130-119 in overtime on Shaquille O'Neal statue-unveiling night at Staples Center on March 24.

The Wolves won 119-104 at Target Center six days later.

What's that they say about familarity breeding?

"I think it should make for a better game, a more intense game," Lakers coach Luke Walton said. "We're familiar with their sets. There's nothing new that really needs to be talked about, other than what we didn't do well the last time. It's obviously not a playoff series, but it's that when you get into Game 3 and 4 and every play that's being called yo uknow what it is. It makes is a lot more challenging, which is fun."

Lakers center Ivica Zuback is out because of a high ankle sprain sustained after he played just two minutes against the Wolves the last time they were here.

Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram is available despite patellar tendinitis, but is playing on a minutes "limit."

"It's somewhere between 20 and 48," Walton said. "If we go into overtime, he'll probably be past the limit."


Limits on Brandon: its somewhere between 20 and 48, if we go into overtime, he’ll probably be past limit,