Pop culture observers and bestselling psychologists can't resist naming parenting styles with catchy terms. Can you find your parenting style?

Lighthouse parents stand on the shore, providing a beacon of light for their children. These parents try to provide a steady beam of light to keep their children afloat when the waters get rough.

Satellite parents are watchful, like helicopter parents. But unlike the more invasive parents, satellite parents orbit their children from a distance, which makes them less likely to intervene.

Bulldozer parents are even more vigilant and aggressive than helicopters. This hyper-involved parent is on duty to anticipate and then roll over any difficulty in their child's way.

Lawn mower parents are the British version of helicopter parents. This style of parent clears the way for children, mowing down obstacles and smoothing the path before them so they don't have to encounter any bumps.

Curling parents describe Danish moms and dads who brush the ice in front of their children so they can easily glide forward in life.

Kevyn Burger